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Thank you for visiting our franchise website. With one press of a computer key you may have taken the first steps on the road to becoming a business owner. I understand that you may find the prospect of owning your own business daunting, even scary. I know that I felt the same way when I left a secure employed position to make Touchline Marking Systems what it is today. There is however one major difference in the decision that you might be about to make compared to the one that I made over ten years ago and that difference is risk.

When I started I had no one to train me, had little knowledge of how a business should be run and few ideas about how to gain customers. I simply knew that I wanted the freedom, flexibility and earning potential that employment wasn’t giving me. As a Touchline franchisee your risk factor will be far lower than mine was (you’ll see more details about this in the Franchising Sector of this site). As your Franchisor we are there to support you during your time as a Touchline franchisee. That support starts with helping you set up your business, supplying you with

all the tools and equipment that you need to get started and training you in how we operate and what marketing we have used to gain clients. Franchising is a partnership. If you commit to our method of operation then we commit to supporting you to succeed. I hope that you find the information contained in this site both interesting and informative and that you see enough to make you want to find out more. At no stage during the process will we attempt to sell you a franchise. We need to be sure that it is the right opportunity for both of us.

I look forward to meeting you when you
feel that you want to take that next step.

Kind Regards

Nick Silivestros
Managing Director
Touchline Franchising

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