Buying A Franchise Increases Your
Chance of Success. The Industry
Has A Proven Track Record…


Why Do I Need To Buy A Franchise?
Why Can’t I Just Start My Own Business?

These are questions that many people will ask themselves and indeed many people each year do go on to start their own businesses and sadly many of them fail.

Business Format Franchising, to give it its full title, is a proven method of starting your own business. All business start ups involve an element of risk of course. As a Touchline franchisee you will have access to training as well as an operating system and a methodology for gaining business that has already been proven and tested and importantly, has a track record of success and profitability.

Building your franchise will still involve hard work on your part and we will expect you to follow our ‘system’, after all that is how we successfully grew our own business.

As your franchisor, we are there to help and support you during the lifetime of our partnership. It has been said many times before, but we feel that it is worth repeating, we will only be successful based on the success of our franchisees. We therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that you realise your business ambitions.

The Facts About Franchising From An Independent Survey Carried Out By Natwest Bank & The British Franchise Association.

  • The franchise industry is worth £17.2 billion to the UK economy
  • There are over 900 ‘franchise systems’ operating in the UK (most of them you will never have heard of)
  • This accounts for over 48,000 franchise units
  • Over 7100,000 people make a living in franchised businesses.

Possibly The Most Compelling Argument To Buy A Franchise Instead Of Starting As An Independent Is Illustrated By The Following Facts.

  • 93% of franchised businesses reported profitability
  • The percentage of franchised businesses that suffer commercial failure is 0.9% vastly lower than the figure for the non franchised sector.
  • The above facts illustrate why the major High Street Banks support franchises and will lend up to 50% of the required capital to help you start your business.
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