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Touchline offers you the benefit of two options to purchase a franchise.
Option 1 : Would include the lining machines as an upfront purchase.
Option 2 : Allows you to lease the machines over a five year period decreasing your initial investment.

The Breakdown

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Licence Fee: £10,000 + VAT.
Duration of Licence: 5 Years with Automatic rights for a further 2 X 5 year renewals.
Management Service Fee: 12% Gross Turnover.
Marketing Levy: 1% of Gross Turnover.
Territory: Exclusive Territory rights granted.

Total Investment:
Option 1 – Licence Fee £10,000 | Launch Package £22,000
Option 2 – Licence Fee £10,000 | Launch Package £15,000
The above investment levels include suggested working capital.

Subject to status up to 50% of the required capital may be available through third party funding.
We will be happy to discuss this option at interview stage.

Sales & Profitability Projections

NB The above figures are projections only and not guarantees nor are they intended to be guarantees of any future sales or profits for franchisees. They are however based on the achievements of the existing business.

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